Year Three in Review


This past year has been a whirlwind.

Last September, I’d just gotten settled into our new home after a cross-country move. And this September? Well, we’re preparing to move yet again! (We literally had our walk-through with the movers on Monday.)

The life of a milspo is never dull - let me tell you. 😂

But I’m constantly reminded of how this business of mine allows me the freedom and flexibility to take control of this life and “smile and wave” (as best I can!). And with how jam-packed the last 365 days have been, I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone.

So I figured it was time for a little reflection! Because, as Molly Ho of Molly Ho Studio says, “Remember to look back once in a while and be proud of how far you’ve come, because there was a point in your life where you didn’t think any of this was possible.”

All that to say, let’s kick off this year three in review party, shall we?! Today, I’m sharing what I’ve learned, what I’m celebrating, and what I have to look forward to!


It’s essential to invest in your business just as much as you invest in your clients’ businesses. And I’m not just talking money-wise. I’m talking about blocking out a few hours (or even one whole day) a week to sit down and focus on YOUR business. This block can allow space to pop into that webinar you registered for, write a new blog post, schedule out social media posts, and brainstorm about making a move on that growth strategy sitting on your desk.

Whatever it is you want to do for your business, make time to do it. It’s easier said than done - trust me! I’m first to admit that I’m not good at this. But I work on being intentional with the time for my business each week because I know just how essential treating CACC as a client is to my overall growth.

It’s okay to admit you’re not good at/comfortable with doing something. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love learning to do new things. And I’ve been asked by business friends to do something I’d never done before.

I’ve been the manager of influencer partnerships, digital marketing strategist for a well-known affiliate partner campaign, supervisor of a graphic support team, and operator of Facebook ads. SO many things that fall outside the realm of “copywriting and content strategy,” yet I’ve still said “yes” when given a chance. And, while I can be good at many of those things, some make me cringe. For that reason, I’ve learned it’s best to refer a real expert for the task. That way, my business friends can get the genuine, expert support they deserve.

Self-care is a necessity. The other day, I came across Nesha Woolery’s Instagram post that highlighted the following statistic from an entrepreneurship survey: 55% of small business owners said that running a business has had a negative impact on their mental health.


Reading that was like a punch in the gut. Why? Because it highlighted my reality. Yes, my business is one of the biggest blessings. But people so often romanticize about the idea of “being your own boss” that the spotlight seems to move away from the realities. The daily struggles that can have long-term effects on our lives.

Real talk: some days, I can go hours without taking a break or stepping outside for some fresh air. And other days, I feel like I’m wearing an armor of anxiety as I’m rehashing my to-do list in my head and battling perfectionism.

So, long story short, I’ve learned I need to create “me” time in my day-to-day—whether that looks like a walk with Jules, an hour-long lunch break, Target run, boot camp yoga session, or just unplugging from having my phone connected to me at all times. I don’t do well when I’m running on fumes!


The CACC rebrand. Remember earlier, when I mentioned investing in your brand? Well, one HUGE way I did exactly that was by investing in a rebranding experience with Bri of Brighten Made. And it was, by far, one of the best decisions I’ve made in my three years in business.

My branding officially connects to the story I have to tell and the services I have to offer my people. And I just love it so, so much! What’s even better? She created social media templates and also provided image direction! Posting to my main platforms has never been more fun (or looked prettier).

The more than 589,000 words I’ve written to-date for business friends. (Thanks to my trusted sidekick Grammarly for keeping that number up to date!) And my revenue increased by 27% YOY. Whew. What a productive past year it’s been! From blog posts to email campaigns and autoresponder series, print articles, social media posts, web pages, pillar pages, and everything in between, I’m so grateful for my clients and the inspiring, super fun projects I’ve had the chance to get my hands on!

The opportunity to team up with Blue Star Families as a consultant. What’s one thing I absolutely looooove doing besides copywriting and strategizing content? Copyediting and proofreading! So when one of my business friends at BSF referred me for the opportunity, I was so excited to collab with this organization that serves military families to ensure any and all content is solid gold before getting into the hands of its readers!


Now, are you curious what’s in store for year four? Well, let me lay out my goals for you in three words.

STEPPING OUT. What do I mean by that? Getting out of my comfortable bubble (aka my home office) and into networking opportunities (conferences, biz meet-ups, intensives; you name it). On my CACC Trello board, I have a list of a few gatherings I hope to attend in 2020 to see some of my Instagram friends and biz BFFs in real life and hone in on my professional hopes & dreams!

SHARING. Running a service-based business, I find I often have my blinders on when it comes to pinpointing things I can be sharing with YOU. I get so wrapped up in whatever project I’m working on that I miss out on the chance to fill you in! So, while it may seem small, I’m excited to start sharing more behind-the-scenes of projects from start to finish, completed projects (be on the lookout for a Portfolio page coming soon to the site!), and blog posts that help solve your content creation struggles.

STRENGTHENING MY EMAIL LIST. I’m a tad embarrassed that I haven’t given this much attention over the years. Why? Because, as my girl Jenna Kutcher says, “You can’t build a business on borrowed land.” What she’s referring to here is social media. With the situation of #instagramdown and #facebookdown this past summer, I see more and more just how much email can serve as a reliable, livable place for me to provide updates to you. It’s time to get serious about this!

And there you have it! Right now, I’m giving you a HUGE virtual hug and sending you vibes of gratitude for being a part of everything we do here at CACC.

Farewell, year 3, and cheers to all that awaits in year 4!