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Carried Away Creative Co. is about to lighten your workload. Like, a lot, a lot. Because, let’s be honest. Writing content for your business is no freaking joke. If done right, it’s not a to-do that can be crossed off as quickly as Target takes all of our money on a “I’m just here for mascara and bananas” shopping trip.

Instead, it requires thoughtful time and energy (that’s only gained after you’re a few K-Cups deep, of course). The good news is, I’m here to be your content creation girl, putting your vision, goals, ideas, and unique voice into movement that tells a story, and cultivates relationships and growth for your brand.


meet carrie

founder, lead content creator, wife & dog mom.

Putting words to paper has kind of always been my thing. I went from being a published poet at the age of 12 (I know, nerdy, right?) to Journalism school graduate, and account coordinator spending long days at an advertising agency.

That first post-college experience in the real world fueled my passion for working alongside clients to grow their small businesses through storytelling.

Though, if you asked me five years ago if I ever thought I’d own a small business of my own, I’d answer with, “Not a chance!”

But, here I am. As soon as I married my husband in 2016 and entered military spouse life, I put the corporate world behind me and started Carried Away Creative Co. (Because, let’s be honest, a life that requires frequent relocations doesn’t really make it all that easy to have a traditional career.)

Today, I’m extremely grateful to serve creative, big-hearted, entrepreneurial-spirited women all around the country from wherever my virtual office takes me.

the story doesn’t end there ↓

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the team


danielle, associate content creator

As a professional writer for five years now, and fellow military spouse, Danielle is my trusted wingwoman on larger content creation projects. Just like myself, she was born and raised in the great Midwest, and brings her relaxed and creative mindset to the CACC team to compliment extensive collaborations.


jules, Chief furry officer

Even though she can be found napping during working hours, she earned a well-deserved spot on the team for two reasons. One, you might just hear her barking or squeaking her toy during a virtual coffee date. And two, her persistent begging for me to play outside with her or take her on a walk forces me to take much-needed breaks from my desk.

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